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In today’s world of business, success hinges not on individual prowess, but on the collective strength of teams. Startups and established enterprises alike rely on agile, efficient teams to drive innovation and achieve their objectives. However, the traditional approach to team building often proves cumbersome, marked by lengthy recruitment processes, complex people management, and the constant need for team augmentation.

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Hiring an In house team is challenging

Navigating the complexities of team hiring and management can be daunting for any organization. Internal issues and performance concerns can quickly escalate, resulting in significant costs. Furthermore, the constant threat of talent attrition adds another layer of uncertainty. In such a landscape, is traditional hiring still viable or businesses may have to rethink whether they really need in-house teams?

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Imagine a solution where these challenges are effortlessly overcome, and almost at the cost of hiring just one individual. The concept of shared team, a game-changer introduced by Sofyrus Technologies, presents a groundbreaking idea: shared teams, akin to shared servers or workspaces. This innovative approach allows businesses to assemble teams comprising developers, software testers, QA specialists, business analysts, project managers, and industry experts—all at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Sofyrus' subscription model for teams offers access to comprehensive teams for as little as $6,000 per month. This package includes a dedicated project manager and a carefully curated team of 3 to 5 resources, equipped with the necessary skill sets. Compare this to the exorbitant costs of hiring and managing a full-stack team independently, and the value becomes evident. This will give a chance for startups to quickly implement their ideas, scaleups or enterprises can leverage this to tackle internal software development challenges by leveraging the expertise of ready to hire teams.

Not only that business need not to worry about legalities we have got it all covered with needed NDA and compliances we follow them all as per industry regulations.

With Sofyrus, the burden of team management is lifted. Simply subscribe to our just-in-time team hiring plan, and a dedicated project manager will oversee your project from start to finish. Whether you're grappling with application architecture or seeking to stabilize your software or have an idea waiting to be converted to an MVP, our teams have the expertise to support you every step of the way.

We've already achieved success stories spanning various industries, from healthcare system migrations to bespoke solutions for startups and enterprises. With over 20 successful engagements under our belt, we're proud to introduce this revolutionary platform, offering efficient teams at a fraction of the usual cost.

Say, Goodbye to in-house hiring and subscribe to sofyrus team package to have an easy approach to software development.

At Sofyrus, we're on a mission to democratize software development services, making them accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a startup, scale-up, or enterprise, we're here to revolutionize your approach to team building and propel your business toward success.

Software development Company
Aslam khan

Aslam is a dynamic business and project leader with proven success in B2B product development. He leads Sofyrus Technologies with passion and dedication. Under his leadership, Sofyrus has implemented many large-scale projects with revenues exceeding millions of dollars for clients in Healthcare, High-Tech and Ed-Tech industries. His portfolio includes digital transformation projects for start-ups, scale-ups and enterprises across multiple geographies. Beyond work, he loves imparting coding lessons and digital product development skills to teenagers and graduates.

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