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HealthTech Solution

Healthcare Service

Explore solutions to enhace your practice while reduing workload on your staff

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Energy Utilities

Drive efficiency and innovation in the energy sector with our tailored software solutions.

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Offshore Teams

Scale your development capabilities with our highly skilled offshore teams.

Your Tech Backbone for Medical healthcare Efficiency

You need to Deliver Efficient Patient Care. But How?

Explore solutions to enhance your practice while reducing the workload on your staff. Give a work-life balance with solutions that streamline your process and bring efficiency to your healthcare practices.

Are Complex EHRs Consuming too much of Your Time?

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Streamline EHR management with automated templates and intuitive single-screen interfaces for efficient practice workflows.

Is the decline in patient follow-up worrying you?

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Improve your practice with seamless teleconsultation solutions, connecting your patients for enhanced healthcare delivery with automated reminders and follow-ups.

Seek AI-driven healthcare solutions for staying ahead?

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Harness advanced Clinical Decision Support Systems for precise diagnoses, personalized patient pathways, and data-driven insights, elevating healthcare standards effectively.

Contribute your part to sustainable environmental solutions

Are Digital Operations & Maintenance causing concern for you?

Drive efficiency and innovation in the energy sector with our tailored software solutions. From smart grid management to predictive maintenance and data analytics, we provide the tools you need to optimize operations and reduce costs.

Solar Performance Monitoring for Enhanced Efficiency

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Enhance efficiency with our advanced solar monitoring solutions, offering real-time data, performance analytics, and proactive maintenance for optimal energy output

Predictive Analysis for Independent Power Providers

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Optimize your operations with predictive analysis, providing Independent Power Providers with actionable insights, improved efficiency, and reduced downtime.

EV Tracking and Asset management

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Optimize your fleet with our EV tracking and asset management solutions, providing real-time monitoring, performance analytics, and efficient resource allocation.

Build Scalable Offshore Development Teams For Your Business

Looking for Offshore Development Teams to help you Scale?

Scale your development capabilities with our highly skilled offshore teams. We offer flexible engagement models, ensuring seamless integration with your in-house team and delivering high-quality results on time and within budget.

Find the talent you need instantly

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Scale up and scale down teams on the go

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Get 3X ROI and Save Costs with offshoring

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Our Work

Sofyrus transforms diverse industries with innovative solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and driving impactful results. Our expertise in digital O&M, asset monitoring, and digital twin technology ensures clients achieve excellence, one process at a time.

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Energy & Utilities

We help our clients optimize performance with advanced Digital O&M and asset monitoring solutions, leveraging digital twin technology for real-time insights and predictive maintenance. Our expertise enhances efficiency and reduces operational costs across various industries.

HealthTech Solution

HIS & TeleHealth System

Satisfied patients can influence your practice’s growth potential by becoming online ambassadors, and attracting new patients through positive reviews. We’re here to help you enhance patient care and streamline your operations with innovative solutions.


Customer satisfaction is our secret source of success

"I am very pleased with the work Sofyrus has done and would recommend them for your next not-so-ordinary website project if you want it done right."

Carey Buttfield

Carey Buttfield

Chief Executive Officer

"Their team model is a great way to save costs in hiring experts for your product development"

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Bilal Sununu

Business Development Director

"I was eagerly looking for a team to support us with our product development and we finally found Sofyrus. I will want Sofyrus to be a part of my team every time."

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Anna Hyatt


"Sofyrus team has done a great job to make our project a success. I highly recommend them for your next project."

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Marc Powell

Chief Operating Officer

"Sofyrus Health Tech services greatly improved our patient management efficiency and EHR services for our practitioners. I highly recommend them!"

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Chief Executive Officer

"They are honest hardworking and overachievers. Loved the way they helped us design our SaaS product."

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Ali Yaqub


"The website design and functionality looks very good, user interface is easy to use, good work by your software development team."


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"Sofyrus understands our needs, and they’re just a perfect match for our business."




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