Process Mining as a Service (PROMaaS)

Sofyrus' streamlined Process Mining solutions help you unravel significant actionable insights to enhance business processes.

What Is Process Mining?

Analytics to discover, monitor, and enhance business processes are covered under Process Mining. Any real business process involves its structure and shortcomings. Techniques that use data science, process management, and prompt analytics are actively involved in Process Mining. The primary objective of mining (extracting insights) your business processes is to move away from ideal assumptions and validate your real processes for operational efficiency. The event data collected during mining can be converted into insights and actions to improve real business processes.

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Our Steps Involved In Process Mining

Ours is a fool-proof approach for process discovery, mining, and optimization. With premium process mining tools/software, we use cutting-edge frameworks, in-depth analytics, and AI in our mining process. Sofyrus' 4-step Process Mining sequence help uncover possible efficiencies that can benefit your business processes and business in the long term:

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Stage 1: Root Cause Analysis

We begin our process with a root cause analysis of the existing issues with your business processes. Our approach is to narrow down on the efficiency issues, redundancies, and root causes of delays.

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Stage 2: Data Mining and Analysis

Knowing what your business processes are lacking, our team goes into the mining and analysis mode. We uncover what can be improved, organized, structured, and changed to streamline your processes.

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Stage 3: Benchmarking and Monitoring

The next stage involves rapid benchmarking to see if the target process model yields improvements as compared to the original model. After evaluating this metric, we monitor the progress and develop an adaptive strategy for implementation.

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Stage 4: Triggering Business Workflows

Finally, we move ahead with applying the fine-tuned process developments to your business workflows. Sofyrus undertakes this thorough approach for each process mining and optimization agenda.

Process Mining Use Cases/ Applications In Different Industries

Mining for business processes have applications in different industries. Ours is a team with experience and expertise in various process mining applications across businesses and industries.

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Manufacturing processes and their efficiency directly affect a product manufacturing business's profit margins and well-being. This is one industry where process mining and automation can be a real game-changer. The Sofyrus team prioritizes mining, analysis, and development for your manufacturing processes with various implements, such as creating a digital image of the production plant and monitoring the throughput rate.

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At Sofyrus, our process mining services for the education industry encompass discovering insights by leveraging tools. Online learning solutions are among the most important sources of data here and yield information over matters such as a student methodology for problem-solving, resetting questions, etc. Our services aid online platform providers with improving their offerings and platforms and figuring out more effective learning processes.

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We strategically implement process mining techniques for the healthcare industry to identify and implement quality improvement strategies that correspond with healthcare requirements. This pertains to the diagnosis, treatment, and disease prevention and aims at enhancing patients' health holistically by enhancing the process efficiency. This may include reducing waiting and service times, cost of services, and boosting process transparency. Our process mining services address the problems of increasing demand for healthcare, population aging, and rising costs.

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Process mining plays a key role in RPA and yields a winning edge for all businesses conducting RPA. Our process mining UiPath services for the RPA industry offer end-to-end perspective and full context which make a must for process improvement. The business processes at your organization yield the maximum value, because we improve the processes before automating them. We identify the most impactful and valuable places to automate and continuously monitor ROIs and automation performance.

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Our process mining services help insurance companies boost compliance, control, and customer experience while decreasing operational costs via process optimization. This aids our clients with overcoming challenges associated with service, risk, and compensation of complex products under cost pressure and prescriptive standards and regulations. Our services yield premium outcomes in various insurance-related scenarios, including risk assessment/underwriting, fraud detection, and a reduction in the quote-to-bind ratio.

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Project management

Process mining holistically delivers essence to project management by inducing efficiency, quality, and outcomes while reducing costs. We strive to enhance a company's performance via optimizing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). One of the ways of going about the same is by creating a flowgraph by using previous logs of similar projects in a company. This helps derive various efficiency parameters, such as roles in the organization and the sequence of events.

Benefits Of Process Mining For Your Business

Why invest in process mining? While one might consider other business investments as more profitable or visibly impactful, inherent wastage from inefficient business processes incurs many hidden costs. Irrespective of the financial drawbacks, shortcomings in your business processes lead to redundancies and obstacles in your business' trajectory to progress. There is a range of benefits that process mining can offer for your business:

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Enable Data-driven Decision-Making

Our process mining tools and robust data visualization/analytics capabilities empower businesses to derive the maximum value from data-driven decision-making. The applications of factual process data being used for further diagnosis are the most prominent benefit of process mining. Event logs or raw data are used to extract the actual process sequence and close this gap.

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Improved Performance Management

We implement process mining tools to automate process performance data collection, which aids with the accurate measurement of employee performances. Monitoring of KPIs, such as SLA, First Time Right, and Time to Resolution, aid with ongoing process improvement. Ideal processes are identified, and deviants can be improved upon.

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Streamlined Business Outcomes and Standardized Processes

Our process mining services induce process standardization by bringing the entire organization to a similar level of process understanding. The identification of non-standard procedures hence simplifies. As system logs exemplify the differences between idealized and actual processes, quality and urgency issues become easier to grasp and rework.

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Lower Lead time

Our process optimization services optimize business processes to yield measurable outcomes. When quality management is the core focus area, and business processes are reconstructed, customer satisfaction levels increase, and customers face no difficulties in facing the processesā€”this aids with getting projects off-ground and acquiring leads quicker.

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Reduced reaction time

As process mining tools enable, constant process monitoring empowers companies to react quicker. If a problem occurs, the software instantly identifies the cause, and the company can react accordingly. While this boosts a company's performance, customer satisfaction rates stay higher as well.

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Identification and Resolution of Bottlenecks

Work processes at an organization are always associated with bottlenecks that reduce organizational efficiency. These can be identified by spending time at each step or simplifying the steps by automating them. Via process mining, processes become remarkably quicker and receive a better response from end customers.

Why Choose Sofyrus For Your Process Mining Project?

Our integrity and work ethics are the key reasons to make Sofyrus your preferred process mining business partner for your organization. We thrive in the excellence of our developers for coming up with results that supersede client expectations time and again.

  • Our automated work processes ensure that these results are sustainable and benefit client organizations over the long term.
  • Process mining is more than work for us, it's our passion.
  • Our services yield a winning edge for our clients.
  • We delight in our clients' success.
  • Over eight years of experience with businesses across domains to an all-new level.
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