This post is merely an extension to what I had posted previously about Microsoft and Open Source.
It turns out that yesterday marked a new beginning for Asp.Net as Asp.Net MVC 4, ASP.Net WebAPI and Asp.Net WebPages V2 (Razor) are now fully open sourced by Microsoft.

Well you might say that previously I wrote that they are open source?
Then, Yes you are correct I said that and until then they were open source (or rather Asp.Net MVC till V3) with limitation of no contribution and all the development happened behind closed door.
Although the community had the source code access but only after certain period of release and nobody can actually code and push their own changes into the code.

So, whats new about that?

Well , since yesterday not only the source code has been given but also these components will accept contributions from people like us (given that we follow the rules guidelines and of course bring something good to the table).
Which of course opens up a lot of possibilities like now you don’t need any decompiler to look how a certain method is written on the inside, or if you have been following the code pretty well and wanted a feature which can help the software and community then write it up, it might eventually land up in the next release, develop a patch for any bug found and it will be accepted.

Well, as it turns out, you might have already seen the announcements and might have got the news or might be searching for the resources to get the news. Well I give you what I found most interesting 🙂

So I won’t take your time to read through the stuff and will get to the point of pointing you to several great resources.

The Announcement by “The Gu man “ here .
The man who made it public (Scott Hanselman) tells it all here
Phil Haack shares the story here
A wonderful post answering the “if’s” , “But’s ” and “why’s” here by Jimmy Bogard
Another small but informational post which details licenses and stuff here by Simone Chiretta
Interested in “how to get the code” and other related info then go here
So you want the code, go get it here at codeplex and on Github here

I don’t think I can do more justice by further dragging this post.

Hope you find the stuff interesting and got the information which I intended to share.

See you all next time till then keep learning and sharing.

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